My predilection is clear enough- it’s for insight that subsumes sight, for vision that annihilates taste.
                                   Stanley Kunitz to Mark Rothko


Curiosity drives me to examine life perhaps more intensely than is healthy.  The questions that have always interested me are the existential ones. Painting is the way I process life and through that process discover meaning.  

Through layers of color, line, shape and texture the distillation of my experiences- events, thoughts, instincts, dreams and desires rise to the surface; reveal themselves or as often present a new enigma.  

The directness, immediacy and physicality of painting appeals to me. I place a conscious emphasis on the physical biotic aspect of each work being unique and created by hand. Perhaps as a small act of defiance to the often dehumanizing aspects of the contemporary world we humans have created for ourselves, perhaps just as an attempt to preserve the human that is of nature.